Is your organization nimble enough for the growth and/or globalization that you desire? We can help you to streamline and standardize your process while ensuring that they are effective for the vision of your organization.


We will work with you to help you fight and beware of the most common 8 wastes.

This is the reliable process that we typically like to apply to all of our organization consulting efforts for you, which we call The Nextgen Way


Define and Agree on Scope, Approach & Project Plan with Client. Identify Roles & Responsibilities. Schedule accessible time with client stakeholders.

Assess & Measure

Collect Data and Conduct As- Is Assessment using Nextgen People Organization Analysis Model (later in project approach) & Lean Six Sigma Tools including Value Stream Mapping. (Interviews, Kaizen, Focus Groups, VOC Surveys), etc.


Benchmark with other municipalities regarding effective approaches to the business (e.g., Permitting Process); Best in class Technology used; etc.

Conduct Gap Analysis

Compare As- is Current State to benchmarked organizations, best practices and Voices of Customers & Staff to identify gap between current & desired future state.

Recommendation & Timing

Make recommendations applying the Nextgen People Organization Analysis Model (later in project approach) regarding Future State, To- Be process maps, roadmap and appropriate timing.


Verify with you, the client that the Future State and proposed timing aligns with their desires (culture, investment, etc.) and adjust as needed.

Final Report

Finalize project report to include Final Recommendations, Roadmap & Timing, Metrics & Evaluation Dashboard and Training Plan.


Implementation is the most important step, making positive change happen. We will be there to guide or make the right steps within your organization to sustain the success of the change.


Nextgen People Organizational Analysis Model