Journey To Authentic Joy Book

It is time for you to live YOUR best life. What is God’s unique purpose for you? Are you getting the best out of your life today? Are you looking in front of you or backwards? Do you expect blessings or curses in your life? What is it that you have heard from God regarding-today, this week, this month, this year? For what are you grateful? The purpose of this book is to center ourselves toward a joy that is authentic to who God wants us to be and to who we are?
Journey to Authentic Joy is a radical tool that life coach and motivational speaker, Dr. Lepora provides in order for us to examine our lives, receive support and grow in harmonious and joyful ways.

It is simultaneously challenging and soothing. She strokes our backs while pushing us to excel higher in the race. Journey to Authentic Joy will make you look at yourself and your life like never before. You will recognize how much you owe to yourself and give yourself more. Your life will reflect more of you and your divine purpose. After reading this book, you will never live your life in the same way again. This book is NOT a cookie-cutter Christian guide to living. This book is definitely NOT a cookie-cutter secular guide to living. I find this book, just as life, to be soberly challenging, though soberly liberating and joyful. It will challenge you to ask yourself questions that you have not asked in a long time or, perhaps, ever.This book is a book about redemption, the everlasting ability of God to redeem us. Just when we thought that we made the biggest mistake possible, the all-powerful God comes in to save the day. He is the restorer of our souls, the keeper of our sanities, the source of our love and the fortitude of our backs. Our God is a God of endless chances. When we think that He has given us ten chances, in actuality He has given us 100, but who’s counting … These essays reflect our forever journey on this earth by seeing our lives through God’s eyes, the most important reflection of all. With courage, confidence and commitment please embark on this journey with me. This book includes major life lessons on Faith, Love, Purpose, Joy, Authenticity, and Discipline.