7 Benefits of a Global/ World as One Approach

Many people are terrified of globalization, also what I call “The World as One.” They fear losing jobs or losing their identity and importance to someone else.

The challenge with such theories is that they are all based upon fear. Theories based solely upon fear are always limited in scope and lack the insight of the big picture.

There are seven major benefits of the World as One Approach.

1.      We get to learn from others. Any person who is smart, realizes that they don’t know everything and that there always lies an opportunity to learn something from someone else. Accepting the World as one, we can learn from others on various realms. Sure, we can learn fun things like I enjoy, cooking international meals, listening to music from other countries, even picking up their dances.

However, there are far more tangible benefits as well. We benefit from technological advances that can help us to be more effective and efficient in what we want to do. Health breakthroughs do not just happen in one country of the world, but throughout the globe, there are different health breakthroughs taking place in various countries. Some are developing immunizations for particular diseases, others, the cure for AIDS, others are making great advances in cornea transplants to cure blindness. Without a globally focused mindset, we are unable to benefit from such advance of other countries.

2.      We get to give to others. There is a tremendous blessing in giving and contributing to the world’s development. If giving doesn’t get you excited, then celebrate the fact that we get to sell to others. We are not just importers of the world. However, U.S. citizens have tremendous gifts as well. Like other citizens of the world, U.S. citizens celebrate the opportunity to sell our products and services to other countries, just as they do the same. However, a closed- door approach, limits our ability to sell or give our gifts to the world.

3.      Similar to being able to sell and give, we get increased job opportunities. Yes, I know people fear losing their jobs… However, U.S. citizens are open to far more job opportunities with the U.S. having a global/ The World as One mindset. There are beautiful places to live and work across the globe. You can live remotely and work with a company overseas or even live abroad for a few years. Having  fantastic global relationships, allows such job opportunities, literally, at our fingertips.

4.      We get the benefit of supplementing scarce competencies and hands. The reality in the U.S. is that there is a real war on talent. Part of this is due to a decreased interest in certain jobs (e.g., farm fruit picking) and part is due to an educational system that has not produced enough Math and Science giants to fill our hospitals, university systems, and research institutions. We have had the advantage of benefiting from many great foreign minds that have helped us to keep and grow such important institutions of our nation.

5.      A “World as One” AKA global mindset encourages us to be more competitive in our educational system. It is no secret that while we,  the US, still tote ourselves as one of the richest leading industrial nations, our education system lags behind some “third world” countries in Math and Science. The last time that I checked we were #27 in Math globally. When we truly care about what people are doing in other nations academically, we cannot help but feel pressure to improve our educational system for our children and our nation to thrive maybe even survive.

6.      Another reason why the World as One mindset makes sense is that it is a state of reciprocity, where everyone has the opportunity to give and receive. Whether it is in natural resources, labor, technology, spirituality and agriculture, there are gifts that we all have to share with the world. A global mindset helps everyone. For my personal moral reason, I know that Christ loves strangers and expects Christians to do the same. I am definitely no better than He so I accept the challenge to embrace and even understand those different than me.

7.      Lastly, the final reason to adopt a “World as One” AKA global mindset is because globalization is inevitable.  Some may say “get over it,” some may say keep on moving. Your grandmom may have said, keep on living and you’ll see. I say get with it and learn to adapt and master the benefits that come with globalization. Ultimately, it is here to stay, to increase and expand. Why? Because not only have people been traveling overseas for thousands of years, exchanging customs, practices and migrating, but it has never, to my knowledge, ever been this easy to connect globally. Within two minutes I can speak to, chat with, e-mail or Skype someone in China, Ghana or Thailand.  The measures to slow down globalization for rationales of job anxieties, physical safety anxieties or mere stranger phobias are distractions that may hurt some temporarily, but will not have a lasting win.